Wednesday, April 26, 2017

day digest: 26 april 2017

*our apartment got a power disconnection notice. i was stubborn not to register it at my online bank account so i am partly to be blamed about the hassle i got myself into. commuting in manila is scary and as much as possible i do not want to commute.

*there is already a thin line for me to finally send my application for immigration either in nz or au.

*the meralco branch which i paid my delayed bill is located in pasig. i spent 200 bucks riding a taxi just to reach it which is quite hefty.  but i got to visit the place where i spent my first years as a working professional here in manila. i had my ojt in ugong, pasig. my aunt where i temporarily stayed often visit pasig palengke (market) and the pasig church is still a site to behold.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

a good game of futsal

today i had a good game of futsal.

*i made 2 goals
*i made 4 good saves as a goal keeper
*i made 2 beautiful passes (1 was converted into a goal)
*i made 2 beautiful body receives
*i allowed 1 goal as a goal keeper which was stupid, i already saved it but it slipped out of my hands and managed to enter the cage

Sunday, April 23, 2017

introverts finding each other

i have observed in the team building that we had last sunday, that people of the same likes or temperament always or often find themselves in the same place or chance each other. in that team building, i think i just realized two people of the same behavior with me, an introvert like me.

i have chanced the two of the team in the pool, talking of mostly serious stuff, like financial planning i will call the first one, the financial wiz and the second one as the young professor. humor really is not a intended topic but something that comes out spontaneously but sparingly.

introverts like me do not really talk in separate, incoherent thoughts. we talk like as if we are writing an essay, not separate one-liners or punchlines. we build up on our ideas before getting to that one big punch line or conclusion. 

i went by the sea alone, enjoying dipping on the warm sea water and while i was a distance from the shore, i saw the young professor alone also taking a stroll along the shore and then went dipping into the warm water. he did not notice me and i did not call him out. i was comfortable at myself being alone and seeing him also alone.

Friday, April 21, 2017

day digest: 21 april 2017

*times now have gone really warped. with time's publishing of the 100 most influential person, one can see that even if truth is glaring people ignore them. they do not anymore read, check the facts, and search for evidence and proof. they have grown weary that even with all the facts and truth around, poverty still exists, inequality abounds, and injustice is just around the corner. truth is not at all liberating, perhaps.

*new zealand and australia just joined the anti-immigration bandwagon making me re-think my plans of migrating on those places. stringent requirements for immigrants have been added.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

baring soul-deep

three things where i can bare my soul--the banks of the marikina river, this eleven-year old blog and that thing which many call the divine.

suck rating on my sports

this rating is ordered in decreasing suckness:

1. futsal - a hangup that goes back since high school, though not really since it is not the lawn football or outdoor football which i try to address at this age. i suck at ball handling and control,but i believe i can still run and react quick.

2. volleyball - i am fairly a good receiver but i do not have the spike. i still do not have timing and the right height of jump to spike the ball.

3. badminton - this is where i believed i excel the most since i was introduced to it, eleven years ago. my knee-jerk reaction is still present and i have the sense that the badminton racket is the extension of my hands.

day digest: 18 april 2017

*emma watson is poised to be the highest-paid hollywood actress, in my time it was julia roberts which i vividly remember and was the first thing to come to my mind.

*the cavaliers has just won game 2, my wish for them to be eliminated at the first round has not come true. well, i am following the games of the cavaliers for a change.

*it rained yesterday, good thing i forced myself to play badminton. i had a good night sleep because of it. a deep sleep for a five-hour sleep.

*someone just recommended somebody to take memo plus for memory lapses, that memory-gap joke has not died out.