Thursday, March 15, 2018

day digest: 15 Mar 2018

* is it to be expected especially to the men in relationships that they are able to carry the other party? is it always this case? i am hoping for a partnership, co-dependency, rather than full dependency.

* i was wishing that if filipinos would emulate at least 70% of japanese discipline they can achieve things, but would that mean also erasing filipino identity in the process? a nation's culture, if it has to stick to it, would either strengthen it more or lead to its peril. i rather not wish that the outcome of filipinos sticking to its own identity would lead to the latter.

* i sometime see or imagine myself quitting during the course of rearing my child of the future. i admire my parents for being able to endure sticking to the responsibility of providing my needs when i was still dependent on them.

i quipped: the business of soldiery is to fire, shoot, and kill

Saturday, March 10, 2018

cats vs dogs

i do adore both of them. but cats edge a bit in terms of preference. one thing i am shaky with dogs are their tendency to be clingy, and sometimes it is terrifying that they can completely depend on me. cats, on the other hand, can deal being left alone, but sometimes it gets irritating that they could not be available when i need them. cats are more life-like in terms of human affection, i believe, or how it should realistically expected to be.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

facebook, censorship, freedom of expression, respect, and timing

the freedom of expression by which persons are able to exercise in facebook has been unprecedented. but i believed censorship at the personal and societal level has to keep in check posts or information that could already be trampling on even a person's basic right of waking in the morning in good spirits or even enjoying a meal. who would like waking up first thing in the morning bombarded with negativity and depressing thoughts? who would like losing appetite when at the middle of a meal someone posts disgusting images? the world can be cruel enough already, why make it harder?

Thursday, March 1, 2018

vitamin c and orange are good for the health

i am infatuated with her, after uncovering that she was a rock chick in an indie band. and she really made numerous cross-overs in every nook and cranny of the us entertainment industry.

she is an exec.

"As announced by The Hollywood Reporter in March of 2012, the former pop diva was made Vice President of Music for Nickelodeon — an impressive position she still holds today. The Senior Vice President of Music and Talent at Nickelodeon, Doug Cohen released in a statement at the time, saying, "Colleen brings a vast wealth of knowledge of the music industry to this newly created role." He continued, "Her work with emerging and established talent is a testament to what a tremendous asset she will be to Nick as we continue to expand our foothold in the music space."

she is a speaker.


she is the patron saint of graduation.


culture of mendicancy and begging

i am about to point out that it is inherently built in the catholic doctrine being mendicant and begging, which is tantamount to glorifying poverty. many a story of saints such as francis of assisi and and ignatius of loyola include being a beggar before they reach enlightenment. however, in buddhism, there are monks who are also begging so somehow that argument that thailand is more progressive than the philippines because the former's religion is not promoting a culture of mendicancy or begging is not plausible.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

public-private chaos

the usual route i take from the lrt to the bus stop going to the place i work is a 15-minute walk, but it takes a great toll on me when the the malls, gateway and farmers plaza, are not opened  yet which do open at around 10 am. today there is a fire drill so i have to take the longer route at the ground level using the sidewalks. i take a longer path avoiding the path used by many pedestrians like me. i am really stressed out when a mass of people and a mass of cars meet and converge at the pedestrian lanes, which unlike in western countries, pedestrian is king. here, ginigitgit pati ang tao. motorists do not really give way to pedestrians and would take any opportunity anytime they can grab a lane or space even at the pedestrian lane.

an elevated or underground path that solely can be used by commuters  can be constructed by the government but due to lack of funds or low priority to it, commuters have to settle with what the private sector can provide, with what commercial establishment can allow them to use as passageway. foot traffic means business is alive. but the problem with anything owned privately, the owner can just do anything with it as long as it satisfy its interests, much to the suffering of the public.