Sunday, October 22, 2017

30 years

technologically, the philippines lags by 30 years compared to our asian neighbors such as japan and south korea. thirty years which is more or less the time since the country freed itself from the marcos regime via the edsa revolution. an industry could have been created out of the jeepney to catch up with them and maximize the productive years or the human capital of 20 - 30 million filipinos. precious minerals such as iron, nickel, silver could have been used for the chassis of the jeepney. technological know-how could have been developed in designing a locally produced engine which as of now is of japanese in origin. sadly, we do not have technocrats in our government. we do not have more engineers, scientists, inventors, and technology managers in the government.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

not into kawaii, but she's endearing

personally, i am not into cute, shiny, things, if we are talking about what is the latest craze now--korean stuff, etc. well, cats and dogs i find them cute....and her, elaiza, from relife, a a manga turned into anime. she's half-filipino and half-japanese, which really do not matter to me. i do not really expect foreigners with filipino blood to publicly proclaim or own their shared heritage. i just let them be. filipino pride is not something i expect even from half-filipinos. i just find her endearing, and though maybe it could just be purely acting, i find her very sincere and honest.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

three goals

three goals i made today in futsal. one word that characterized all of three was tenacity. first strike to the goal was already deflected but the goalie was just unable to hold or secure the futsal ball, so i managed to strike it the second or third time. it was a duel between the goalie and me, all the time.

Friday, September 29, 2017

chief export

the philippines' chief export is  not its natural resources, not electronics, not intellectual ability but the relative ease it accepts external or foreign things, cultures, ideas, etc. its not outsourcing but the ease of filipinos in accepting english as a language, and american or generally western way of thinking much detriment to its own culture and filipino way of thinking.